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Shortcuts to Cash is a sister site of Work From Home Wizards located in Los Angeles California and branches out into India. Shortcuts to Cash is a business that provides ways for everyday people with no experience to earn extra money online. We provide very basic online marketing  and advertising work packages for the everyday person. You don't have to have a fast typing speed or great grammar skills nor do we expect you to have a degree in marketing. These are extremely simple jobs in which just about anyone can do easily from home.

Why Do We Want to Pay People to Advertise that Have No Skills?

The truth of the matter is every business in the world thrives on visitors in order to spread the word about their business. Although we have been in the online data entry business for over 10 years now, we have recently crossed over to a different type of data entry which is paid per post and not per commission. This is an entirely new venture for us. The idea is to provide outsourced work to benefit many online web businesses in order to save them money.
However, to make sure our members have jobs available to them 24/7, we have opted to use the outsource work for our own businesses as well. This way we kill two birds with one stone. (1) We guarantee our members to have work available to them at all times and (2) We save ourselves a buck or two on advertising costs.

Last year over 50 billion dollars were spent on advertising and that number is expected to rise within the next few years. Marketing has become one of the most lucrative and widespread businesses in itself in the entire world.

Shortcuts to Cash accepts applicants from all over the world including
USA, Canada, India, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Spain, Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines and more... In 2013 Shortcuts To Cash has expanded considerably and has reached new heights and milestones. We have several online businesses connected with us and we've worked with some of the most highly respected corporate companies in the world.

Shortcuts To Cash offers several different data entry job packages and marketing venues including form filling, article writing, ad posting, list compiling, researching and much more...
Each position requires only the most basic internet skills and is extremely easy to learn. We supply thorough instructions and all necessary tools  and software for the Job.

What Do We Do?

Shortcuts To Cash provides work for people who have little to no experience and for those who find it hard to get hired online. We accept all different types of applicants such as Housewives, the unemployable, Students, Single Moms, Stay at home Dads, Disabled and basically anyone who needs a way to make extra money from home. We do not require an application and you only need very minimum experience in order to get a work package with us.

Shortcuts To Cash is licensed in the state of California. However, we offer work for people globally.
You do not have to live in the USA in order to work with us.

Work Requirements

Must be 18 or older
Must Read and Write English
Must be able to follow written instructions
Must have computer or internet access

Company Address:
(Please do NOT send payment here)

Shortcuts to Cash
P.o box 113
10153 1/2 Riverside Dr,
Los Angeles, CA 91602

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (1) 818-235-3868

About Us
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